Learn from Joey L.

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Meet Joey L

Joey L Hello out there. I'm Joey. I am a professional photographer who has been working as a freelancer for the past 7 years.

I learned my craft with no formal training. All my knowledge has been gathered from books, other photographer's workshops I admire, or watching tutorial videos online. I continue to learn new things every day through experimentation and by being inspired by new assignments and personal projects.

Learn From Joey L is a tutorial site to share the photography, lighting and Photoshop techniques I have cultivated over the years.

I often wish I had the time to teach more workshops in person, but my schedule makes it difficult. However, I absolutely love to teach and share. This tutorial site is a personal project dedicated to those who follow my work and are interested in learning from me personally.

This is not like other generic photography learning sites. This is a homegrown project with tutorials based on my own assignments. I can only teach what is true to me. It is my hope that my own personal vision inspires yours,


Select Commercial Clients:

Coca-Cola, National Geographic, JWT, Doner, McGarry Bowen, Upshot, Cimarron Group, Verizon, Nickelodeon, History channel, FX Channel, Smirnoff, Pennzoil, Kawasaki, Summit Entertainment, Forbes, Services for the Underserved, The Government of Abu Dhabi.

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